Your personal advocate for the best quality-of-life care.

We take away the confusion and put the best plan in place for  aging adults and their families to navigate the realm of high-quality elder services. We specialize in complex case management; short and long term financial planning; preparation and submission of Mass Health Applications; and assessment, placement and move-in assistance to the right home for your best life.  

Trusted Guidance

We educate our clients and their families about strategies and supportive services available to create a specialized care plan.


Our goal is for seniors to stay at home safely as long as possible and continue all activities they have previously enjoyed.

Peace of Mind

Our mission is to bring peace of mind with the best options and decisions for our elderly clients and their families.

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Welcome to Elder Case Management

Supporting older adults and their families.

Navigating the complexities of aging can leave families feeling lost and uncertain about where to find reliable guidance. When confronted with challenging senior care issues, many individuals struggle to identify trustworthy sources of information and support. Elder Case Management offers a solution by assembling a dedicated team of professional geriatric care managers who specialize in providing comprehensive assistance to seniors and their families.

Through personalized in-home assessments, we empower families to address a wide range of caregiving challenges and develop customized care plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Having a senior advocate by your side brings numerous benefits, including access to expert advice, support in navigating healthcare systems, coordination of services, advocacy for the senior’s rights and preferences, and ultimately, peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s well-being is in capable hands.

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What We do

Caring for an older loved one can be physically,  emotionally and financially draining if you don’t know where to turn.
Elder Case Management has extensive knowledge and experience with the costs, quality, and availability of health care and community services in the Massachusetts,  Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Case Management

After an in-home assessment, we offer transport to doctor appointments, weekly in-person check-ins, delivering and ordering of groceries, referrals, oversight of outside agencies, and more.

Mass Health & Medicare

Specializing in Mass Health & Medicaid applications including submission, hearings, appeals, financial documents and financial planning.

Senior Placement

Assessment, negotiations on your behalf with nursing homes or assisted living facilities, organization, packing, sorting and moving of seniors.

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We are here to answer your questions.

We guide with compassion.

We care about our clients and treat them as if they were our family.  We help navigate the best course of action for them to take in short and long-term planning for the best possible safe, social and high-quality of life.

What do our clients say?

We hear you.

We care and listen to our clients and their families.  We understand this can be a stressful time for everyone and do all in our power to make it an easier transition.

Have Questions?

Call our free service for any geriatric questions.  We are happy to provide any insight to your situation.

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Steps Toward Peace of Mind


In-Home Assessment

Our home visit includes an evaluation of the older adult’s areas of strength and need, and includes a physical, mental, legal, financial and medical assessment.


Design a Plan of Action

An individualized care plan is then developed based on the in-home assessment.  


Implement Services

We coordinate supportive services such as negotiating nursing home living, assisted living, Mass Health applications, transportation, referrals, appointments, and more.


Weekly Follow-up

We check in each week to make sure everything is going as planned, and are available any time for questions.

Please click on Schedule a Free Consultation, fill out this confidential, short form so we can understand your situation a little better before we talk to you. This will help us gather relevant information and save you time.

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